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Is there browser extension or software to install?

No. Since Sales Qualify is completely cloud-based, you don't have to worry about running any software with a VPN/proxy or using a high-risk browser extension. Our architecture uses separate proxy IP addresses already baked in to every account. This also means you can use Sales Qualify from any computer & from any location

What are some typical results?

On average, a typical user at Sales Qualify can expect to generate a minimum of around 10 conversations a week which tends to results into 1-3 meetings booked per week. That’s considering if you send around 100 messages/connects per week and of course it’s highly dependant on your product/service offering.

We have seen some of our top users generate north of 10 meetings per week at times (crazy!).

Do I need a LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator account?

No. LinkedIn limits the number of your profile views and profile searches when using the basic account. We highly recommended that you upgrade to Sales Navigator (you can usually get 1 month free trial) to get most out of the Sales Qualify features.

However, we do support Basic LinkedIn as well as a powerful Custom Import option.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Cancel your subscription anytime and come back later if you want start using the tool again. You will have access until your current subscription expires.

I'm new to LinkedIn automation, how do I make sure my account is protected?

You need to make sure to not send too many messages all at once (especially if your account is new or don't have much activity). LinkedIn security systems are able to detect accounts that send high volume of connects/messages which could result into the suspension or ban of your LI account. We highly recommend you warm up your IP address (send 5-10, 20-30, etc.) and scale it up slowly to max 100-150 per week throughout the week, per user.


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