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Based on its web presence, Sales Qualify has existed for many years and is a fairly well-known brand. It is primarily a sales tool that provides numerous CRM connectors, lead management, and message sequencing features. However, because it is browser-based, you must link the app to your Google account and keep Chrome open all the time to send messages. The most effective and secure LinkedIn automation tool is our Automate LinkedIn. Our web browser app can technically automate your manual job on LinkedIn. It mimics human activities without inserting code into the LinkedIn website or using the LinkedIn API. You can link the tools you use today and future thanks to us. We offer greater app support than any other platform.

Our Mission

Are you prepared to grow your company? By executing targeted campaigns that consistently bring in new warm, fresh leads interested in your services, we specialize in C2B & B2B LinkedIn lead generation services. We can assist you or your organization reach your sales goals. Our mission is to assist our customers in flourishing and expanding their business by locating and attracting the best-qualified customers out of the more than 500 million people on LinkedIn.

Our expert tools allow you to automate your work across 5,000+ apps so you can advance more quickly. We integrate your work apps so you may have more concentration and experience less irritation, from side hustlers to enterprise leaders.

We Expand Your Contact Lists

We can create a straightforward email capture funnel with some collateral (ebooks, a pdf checklist, a video, etc.). Hence, using our services, you can quickly take your lead generation efforts to new heights.

Lead Scoring And Dynamic Lists

We prefer to use automated lead scoring. We strive to develop the most effective approach and increase your conversion rates. Set wise priorities and convey information with us! Our tools are suitable for both LinkedIn basic and premium. We offer numerous solutions to increase the functionality of LinkedIn Basic and Premium. We work in business, career, recruiter, and sales navigator. We know how to handle the limitations and working hours in advance. We create unique delays between actions or page clicks and set limits for your daily activity.

Our Customer Service

Developing a devoted following of clients enables your company to grow sales and attract new clients through favorable reviews. You may engage with your consumers in a tailored way by using a data-centric strategy and understanding what works best for them, such as their favorite method of contact.

We assist you in creating end-to-end customer journeys and implementing your business objectives, from customer acquisition to customer retention. You can provide the best possible business results for your company and clients using our LinkedIn automation tools.

24/7 Immediate Assistance

We’ll fix any problems with our LinkedIn automation within 20 minutes. We will ensure you have a better user experience and that your issue is fixed quickly. Examine the advantages of using our automated LinkedIn lead creation for your company. Enter your email address to download the PDF study on the LinkedIn potential and target markets.

Why Do Our Users Like Us?

  • Integrate CRM and other services from outside sources.
  • Several options for message formatting and personalization
  • Precise targeting options
  • We offer automation across multiple platforms, including email and LinkedIn
  • Cloud-based, making it safer than competing products.
  • Smart Sequencing
  • The more user-friendly user interface
  • LinkedIn’s omission restrictions
  • Customer support
  • CRM system integration

We Create Message Chains For Funnels

You can create any chain of automated messages on LinkedIn and manage each step of your funnel with our automation solutions.

We Target-Multiple Sources

We recruit candidates for your campaigns using the CSV, LinkedIn, Recruiter (full and lite), and Sales Navigator, all of your contacts, LinkedIn group members, and alumni pages from your school. We can also recruit the people who have viewed your profile, A list of the pending invitations you have already issued, a list of LinkedIn users, a lead list from Sales Navigator, and projects from a recruiter.

Automate Your LinkedIn With Us

Sales Qualify is a strong yet simple LinkedIn autopilot that automates your job and has many fantastic features.

  • Use LinkedIn to send automatic (personalized) connection requests.
  • Send connection requests via email to get around LinkedIn’s weekly invite cap
  • We can message a large number of first-level connections at once
  • Automatically endorse up to 7 talents on the profiles of your LinkedIn contacts
  • We can visit a large number of profiles automatically.

Give Us A Call

Are you fascinated with market research Automation Tool For LinkedIn? Discover how to avoid wasting your marketing investment by checking out the most recent trends with us. We can make you motivated by the most compelling examples of market research and more. Start by contacting us at; We will help you reach your required ambitions by automating your LinkedIn accounts.

“We provide businesses with leads that enable them to grow”


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Neil is a lead generation specialist, with exceptional results at producing Hot leads for multiple niches. He is also a world leading SEO Scientist with great achievements to his name. Making him your perfect ally for all things automated.

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